I Am Confident

img_8533I want you to meet Irene. She is 25 years old and has been using oxygen since 2006. She loves fashion and makeup, so she has taken her passions and made a fashion blog and makeup tutorials. She has grown confidence in herself and has embraced being on oxygen. She is an incredible young lady and I’m grateful to get to share her story with all of you.

Q: How long have you been on oxygen?

A: I have been using oxygen since 2006, just to sleep. Then in 2011 I had to wear it all day.

Q:  What is your story? How were you diagnosed and what was the diagnosis?

A: At 4 years old I had adenovirus; it is a virus that attacks the lung and as a result I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis. I became easily sick and little by little it was worsening my health until the doctors decided that I had to carry oxygen.

Q:  How has your life changed since being on oxygen?

A: Life changed me suddenly, I have always gone unnoticed since I was shy. Suddenly the oxygen causes people to look at you and ask you, that made me very nervous because I was always very shy. Then the health was also more delicate than now and I had no strength for much, although I tried not to notice. In the end everything changed and I’m fine.

Q:  What is a fear or insecurity that you have about being on oxygen?

A: I was not afraid to carry oxygen, it was something I had to carry. If it was not more insecurity than what people thought, they would see me weak when I did not consider myself weak. But there is always something that made me think that I was less than others simply by wearing it.

Q:  What is something you have learned about yourself while being on oxygen?

A: I knew I was strong, but carrying oxygen has shown me that I am even more and that I can do everything.

Q: Is there something on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish one day, oxygen or not?
A: From a very young age, I’ve always been sick. I’ve never made long- term plans and now the same, carrying the oxygen. I live day by day,
enjoying everything that offers me every moment. But I hope that I can do everything that I propose.

Q:  You have done fashion blogs before oxygen and stopped when you got on oxygen. Now you have a youtube channel on doing makeup while on oxygen. What or who helped boost your confidence?

A: When I did the blog (www.airesinfinitos.blogspot.com) fashion already had the oxygen, since the first post I did in 2014, but since I had this, I had insecurity. I did not want to take photos or video with oxygen, then simply I took it off for a while and I took pictures.
After several years, I found out that my sister was going to have a baby. In my mind I imagined with my niece in her arms and to make a photo, I would have to have the oxygen on and it was an idea I did not like. I did not want my niece, when she was older, thinking I had to hide because I was embarrassed to be in photos with a cable on the face. That’s why I decided it was time to be braver than ever, so I made a video and published it on my social networks, (it’s also on my youtube channel that is the first one). When I published the video I saw that my insecurities had disappeared and I launched a youtube channel (
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-wctR7KMSTIVY338e-Fpw) I carry the oxygen and talk about my tastes, giving a touch of humor. When I go out with oxygen my confidence goes up every day since I feel like what I do.

Q:  You have a passion for fashion and makeup. Oxygen or not, what do you hope to accomplish with these passions?

A: Well I would like people who see my style to like it and share it, as with the youtube channel. Above all it is a message that not only for people with oxygen, but for anyone who has problems, everything goes well. But above all it is that no matter the problems that there is always a way to get along and do what you like.

Q:  How do you remain positive?
A: I stay positive doing what I like. Laughing at everything and especially enjoying even the simplest things.

This young lady overcame her insecurities and learned that she is stronger then ever thought possible. It was a scary step for to take, making videos with her oxygen on, but she put on a brave face and did it. She came out stronger, happier, and being able to embrace herself. Sometimes, in life we are faced with things that make feel or look different then others. We feel like people will judge us or laugh at us. The truth is we should learn to embrace and love ourselves with all differences. That is just Irene did. She learned to live life to the fullest with her oxygen in tow and never let anyone take anyone take her pride and her passions. She conquers life with a smile and she is truly amazing. You can follow her on her Instagram and you can even check out her blog, videos, Facebook, and twitter.


One thought on “I Am Confident

  1. I have re-read the interview and I am delighted to be part of your blog, it is wonderful what you are doing, giving visibility to our problems. I wish you much success 🙂


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